Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences

Official Journal of Crossing Dialogues

Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences

The official journal of Crossing Dialogues

Volume 1, Issue 1 (December 2008)


Possible effects of extensive technological use on the identity process: from continuity to multiplicity

Monica De Marchis & Roberta Zaratti

The starting point of our study is the awareness that currently we are in a phase of epochal change of the epistemological paradigm. As for the passage from oral to writing culture, now we can see, with the technological diffusion, a further transition to digital culture. Our aim is to make psychotherapists, researchers, and educators aware that the new phenomena emerging in relation to this technological diffusion bring on a necessary change. Such a change is needed in the way these phenomena are appraised and treated at the psychological and sociological level.

identity, Self, technology, Internet Web, psychopathology, post-rationalist psychotherapy

Dial Phil Ment Neuro Sci 2008; 1(1): 33-36

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